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State-of-the-art Technology Created by Latium USA

About Latium USA

Unique. Innovative. Sophisticated. These words do not even begin to describe the LifeRoom experience. LifeRoom is so technologically advanced, it makes every room before it look primitive.

Created by a prestigious team of engineers and designers, with over 20 patents to their credit, LifeRoom's cutting-edge technology makes it a welcome oasis from the stress of everyday living.
As one of the largest privately held remodeling groups in North America, Latium USA is a trusted, dependable and formidable brand in the Home Improvement Industry. Built on a strong foundation of engineering expertise that spans over 40 years, Latium USA and its UK counterpart, Latium Enterprises, have a rich heritage of innocation and outstanding quality. 

Our unique line of products offers you a change to enjoy one of your most prized possessions, your home. By addint additional living space, inside and out, you are investing in your home's equity as well as your lifestyle.

At Latium USA, we don't just build products, we're proud to be building dreams
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