Patio Covers

Combination Patio Covers

With us, you’re not limited to one option or style. You can combine styles and products to get maximum comfort and control. Whether you’re entertaining house guests and you’d like to tailor heat and temperature to their best comfort or you simply need a nice filtered shade, we can make it happen. We offer the following combinations:
  • Solid-Lattice
  • Solid-Louvered
  • Lattice-Louvered
  • And Lattice-Solid-Louvered
We’re also able to provide custom designs. You can choose from a wide selection of accessories to further customize your space. 
Solid Patio Covers
Ordinary patios are great if you’re seeking a traditional look, but if you want to spruce it up a bit, a solid patio cover can do the trick. It offers a shaded area to retreat and take shelter from the sun. This is especially handy in the warmer months. It’s available in panel form, and you can choose between a non-insulated roof panel and an insulated roof panel. 
Lattice Patio Covers
Lattice patio covers are an attractive option and can offer comfort like you’ve never experienced. Not only do they provide shade, they also allow natural light into your home and can keep your interior warm and radiant. With us, you can choose from three different options and we also tailor it to your exact specifications. 
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